Resolutions For Lazy Cats

Happy New Year! And, for our feline friends, an early Happy Mew Year. (Fluffy’s New Year is actually tomorrow.) Of course, we suspect that many of our furry pals slept through last night’s festivities. Actually, most cats will spend a good chunk of 2020 snoozing, relaxing, or just lounging about being cute. If your kitty could be bothered to make resolutions, what do you think she would list? A Green Bay, WI vet lists some potential resolutions for lazy cats below.

Improve Napping Times

Did you know that cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day? Kittens and senior cats sleep the most, with adult felines averaging a ‘mere’ 14-16 hours. Fluffy may want to work on her snoozing skills, and sleep even more this year than she did in 2019.

Try New Sleeping Positions

Cats have a remarkable ability to fall asleep in positions that would be pretty uncomfortable to us. Fluffy may want to try some new kitty configurations this year.

Soak Up The Sun

Fluffy doesn’t actually run on solar power, but she really does enjoy sunbathing. Your feline pal will definitely spend time lounging in the sun in 2020. To pamper your sleepy cat, put a soft folded blanket in a box, and put the box in a sunbeam. This kitty magnet is bound to attract your furry friend!

Pounce On Something. At Least Once.

Kitties are very playful when they’re young, but they slow down as they age. However, even the laziest pet will occasionally indulge their inner kitten.

Better Fur Distribution

Cats have beautiful fur, and they thoughtfully try to share it with us. Fluffy may want to leave cat hair in spots she overlooked last year.

Assist With Laundry

Fluffy may be lazy, but that doesn’t mean she won’t at least try to help around the house. For instance, your pet may thoughtfully sleep in baskets of clean laundry to help keep the clothes warm.

Help The Human Sleep Better

Our feline pals are quite cuddly, which is one of the many things we love about them. Fluffy may hop into your lap for snuggles, and/or curl up with you at night. One thing we can say for sure: purring kitties make great sleep aids!

Please reach out to us, your Green Bay, WI vet clinic, for all your lazy cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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