6 Ways To Make Your Yard More Dog-Friendly

Although dogs can do just fine in apartments, they usually really love—and benefit from—having fenced in yards to play in. If your canine buddy has a back yard to patrol, that’s great! Here, a Green Bay, WI vet offers some tips on making your yard a safe, happy place for your pooch.


Make sure that your fencing is secure. If you know or suspect that Fido may try to dig under it, bury chicken wire along the fence line and weight it down with rocks. We also strongly recommend getting a self-latching gate. Many dogs have escaped because someone left a gate open!


Want to really get that tail wagging? Get Fido his very own doghouse to look adorable in. When you go shopping, look for something that isn’t too big or too small. Like a crate, a doghouse should seem like a little den. Also, choose a material that offers great insulation. Wood is a good option. Just don’t get the pressure-treated kind, as it isn’t safe.


Man’s Best Friend loves splashing around in a kiddie pool! This is a great way to keep your pup cool on those sweltering summer days. If Fido likes to bury things, get him a sandbox, and bury some toys in it.

Fighting Fleas

Fido won’t have much fun outdoors if fleas are invading your yard. Keeping your grass and hedges trimmed will help fight infestations. You’ll also want to pick up debris, such as fallen branches and produce.

Pet-Friendly Landscaping

Keep Fido in mind when choosing and planting flowers. Many popular plants are toxic to dogs! You can find a list of both safe and unsafe plants at the ASPCA website here. Also, be careful with ground covers. Some good options are artificial turf, Buffalo grass, thyme, and pea gravel. Avoid mulch, especially cocoa mulch: it really isn’t safe for dogs.


If you want to plant a garden, but are worried that your dog will destroy it, you’re not alone. Divide your yard into sections, and dedicate one part to Fido and another to your garden. Incorporate borders and boundaries will help keep your pup out of the garden area. You can use fences, driftwood, potted plants, or hedges.

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