5 Ways to Keep Your Pet at a Healthy Weight

Is your furball starting to look a bit pudgy? Those extra pounds may look cute, but they can lead to some serious medical problems in your furry friend! Obese pets are at risk of developing several serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease, liver problems, skin trouble, and bone/joint disorders. Read on for some great tips from an Ashwaubenon, WI veterinarian on keeping your pet at a healthy weight.


Exercise plays a very important role in your pet’s health. Make sure that your pet is getting enough activity. Be sure to walk your dog every day. You can also get Fido moving with fun, active games like fetch. Of course, getting our sleepy feline friends to exercise is a bit harder. Play with Fluffy regularly, using fun interactive toys like wand toys or laser pointers. You can also trick your kitty into moving just by occasionally tossing one of her toys down the hall or into another room. She’ll probably run after it just out of curiosity!

Limit Snacking

There’s nothing wrong with giving your pet a yummy treat now and then, but don’t overindulge your four-legged buddy with fatty snacks. Choose healthy treats, and reward your furry pal with toys instead of food.

Quality Food

Feeding your pet a good, high-quality diet is very important. Give your furry companion the best food you can afford. Many lower-quality dry foods are very high in carbs, which can cause your pet to gain weight. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Portion Control

Even eating as little as ten extra calories a day can cause your pet to pack on the pounds. Pay attention to those serving sizes, and make sure you’re not accidentally overfeeding your furry friend.

Prevent Boredom

Just like people, pets often snack when they’re bored. Make sure your furry friend has plenty of fun toys! Kitties can also benefit from an interesting window view, while pups may enjoy puzzle games or fun excursions, like trips to the doggy park.

If you have a furry little butterball on your hand, ask your vet to recommend a suitable diet and exercise plan. Never put a pet on a crash diet, as this is very dangerous for animals’ metabolism!

Do you know or suspect that your pet is overweight? We can help! Call us, your local Ashwaubenon, WI vet clinic, today.

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