Puppies and Chewing

Has a baby dog just joined your household? Congratulations on your bouncing ball of fur! Getting a puppy is a major life event in our book. You’re certainly in for some adorable moments with your new canine buddy. You’re also in for a good amount of pet parenting. One thing you’re likely to deal with over the next few months is chewing. A Green Bay, WI vet discusses chewing in this article.

Understand Why Fido Chews

Puppies chew to soothe the pain of teething, and sometimes just because they enjoy it. Chewing is actually good for dogs: it keeps their jaws strong and stimulates the flow of saliva, which helps clean their teeth. You should never punish your canine companion for chewing, even if he did just ruin your new shoes. Reprimanding little Fido for instinctive behaviors will only confuse the little guy, and may make him anxious. Instead, focus on directing your pet towards more appropriate items.


Although chewing is beneficial to dogs, it can also be dangerous. As far as little Fido is concerned, anything within paws’ reach is fair game. You’ll want to remove or secure anything that isn’t safe for your furry friend. This includes things like plastic bags, wrappers, and ties; toxic plants; household chemicals; medicines; small or sharp objects; and unsafe foods. Keep things like shoes, books, purses, remote controls, clothes, and phones in places your pet can’t reach. Also, don’t leave laundry on the floor. Treat things you can’t move, like wires, with taste deterrents.

Provide Proper Chew Toys

Your canine companion will need plenty of appropriate chew toys. Kong toys are great for this. Bully sticks, teething sticks, and other chews are also fine. Some pups like to chew on clean, frozen washcloths. You will need to be careful with some products, such as rawhide. Dogs that are strong chewers can break these into chunks, which can cause intestinal injuries if ingested. Ask your vet for specific advice.


If you see your puppy chewing on something he shouldn’t be, immediately say ‘No’ or ‘Don’t chew that.’ Then, take little Fido’s new ‘toy’ away, and give him something more appropriate. Also, always reward him with praise, treats, and ear scritches when he chews properly.

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