Cute Ways Your Cat Meowpulates You

Does your cat have you trained to fill her bowl on command? Do you find yourself dealing with leg cramps and stiffness when Fluffy is asleep on your lap, simply because you don’t want to disturb her? Kitties may be small, but they certainly have many of us wrapped around their little paws. Here, a Green Bay, WI vet lists some adorable ways Fluffy bosses us around.

The Meow

First and foremost, we have the meow. Our feline friends may very well have started meowing specifically to give us commands. Adult kitties rarely ‘speak’ to one another. Instead, they communicate with body language, facial expressions, and, occasionally, by simply attacking each other. They save those cute little cries for us. Apparently, Fluffy learned long ago that those plaintive mews—which just happen to sound like the cries of a human baby—are a very effective way to yank our heartstrings, and get us to offer food, treats, and warm laps.

The Mad Dash

Does your furball sometimes run out in front of you when she wants to get your attention? This is another kitty manipulation tactic. Shockingly, Fluffy usually does this when her bowl is empty.

The Official Request For Pets

Kitties aren’t always rude. In fact, they have some pretty polite ways of asking for attention. Your feline buddy may bonk her head against you when she wants to be petted. She may also snag your sleeve with her claw or just jump into your lap. When Fluffy is feeling affectionate, she may start purring as soon as you pet her or pick her up. This is of course super adorable, which means that you’ll feel really bad if you stop.


Cats have been our friends and overlords for thousands of years. For most of that time, mice, rats, and other vermin posed a threat to both our crops and our health. We offered kitties food, shelter, warm laps, and ear scritches in return for their hunting services. That’s a pretty good trade for a few minutes of work! We may not be as appreciative of kitty hunting skills these days, but that may not really matter. Fluffy now has us trained to reward her for catching catnip mice instead.

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