Doghouse Repair Month

July is National Doghouse Repair Month! Although dogs should live indoors, they do like being outside. If Fido has a doghouse of his own, this is a good time to clean and inspect it, and maybe even give it a pupgrade. A Green Bay, WI vet discusses doghouses below.


Choosing the right material is important. You want something that will keep Fido cool in winter and warm in summer. Plastic, although cheap, offers little by way of insulation. Wood is a good bet. Don’t get pressure-treated wood, though: the chemicals used to process it make it toxic to dogs.


Usually, when it comes to pet habitats, bigger is better. The doghouse is an exception to that rule. Fido will enjoy his doghouse more if it feels like a comfy little den, rather than a huge mansion.


Give your pup’s outdoor home a good scrubbing. Rinse it well, especially if you use a detergent. You’ll also want to clean any bedding.


Speaking of bedding, that’s also something to consider. Putting comfy bedding in the doghouse may sound like a great idea, but in actuality, it will attract fleas, mice, and other pests. You definitely don’t want that! Stick with mats instead.


In winter, hang thick strips of carpet or plastic sheeting in the door to keep the wind out. Remove these in summer, though, as they may make Fido’s doghouse too hot.


You may want to move your pet’s house seasonally. In winter, the door should face away from prevailing winds. In summer, you may to rotate and/or move it, so Fido can enjoy a nice breeze.


This is a good time to give Fido’s doghouse a thorough inspection. Look for anything sharp, such as splinters or exposed nails or screws. If your pet has chewed portions of his doghouse, repair those sections. Also, get rid of any hornet or wasp nests.


Who says a doghouse has to be plain? Build your furry pal a little deck, or give him a kiddie pool to splash around in on hot days. If your pet likes to dig, offer him a sandbox to bury toys and treats in. You can also use paint, stencils, and signs to decorate Fido’s doghouse.

Please reach out to us, your Green Bay, WI vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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