Cat World Domination Day

Did you know that there is a very special kitty holiday around the corner? June 24th is Cat World Domination Day! Is Fluffy plotting to take over the world? What would she do if she could? A local Green Bay, WI vet speculates on our feline pals’ plans for dominance below.

Historical Precedents

There actually are some precedents for kitty domination. In ancient Egypt, for instance, cats were revered as sacred, and were both pampered and revered. Ancient Siam is another place that treated our feline overlords like, well, overlords. Siamese cats, which are the region’s native breed, were sometimes so spoiled that they even had their own servants. Of course, cats have been practicing dominating us for some time. In fact, they may have started meowing specifically so they could boss us around. Turns out, they realized long ago that we’re basically suckers for cute furry faces!

Feline Strategies

If Fluffy did want to take over the world, how do you think she would go about it? Well, we suspect that she may start by taking over the internet. In fact, cats may already be working on this. After all, the worldwide web already has a rather high percentage of cat photos and videos. If that fails, our feline friends may resort to other tactics, like sleeping on our computers, or perhaps tripping us when we walk. Kitties may already have ‘sleeper cells’ in place in some very important locations. Take Larry, the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, who lives with the British Prime Minister. This furball could very well be plotting under his owner’s nose!

Fluffy’s Goals

What would happen if these little furballs did manage to take over the world? Well, we suspect that there would suddenly be a lot of catnip planted. Every home would probably have at least one cat tower, while stocked fishponds, catios, and enclosures would pop up in every yard. Tuna fish stocks would probably soar. We may have times officially set aside for playing with and cuddling Fluffy, and may have to provide her with a certain amount of empty boxes. Aside from these things, however, things probably wouldn’t change very much. Many of our furry buddies already have their humans wrapped around their paws.

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