Tips for Getting Through Shedding Season

Spring is officially (almost) here! It’s always great to get back outside after a long winter. Finding yourself—and your home—covered in pet fur? Not so much. In this article, a Green Bay, WI vet offers some advice on dealing with shedding season.


Brush your pet daily during heavy shedding times. This will help reduce the amount of fur you find stuck to your clothing and furniture, simply because you’ll be capturing that hair with a brush. If you have a dog, bring Fido outside to brush him. The dead fur will just blow away, instead of ending up on your sofa. You may also want to wear an apron during your pet’s beauty session.


Make sure that your furry buddy is eating a good diet. Proper nutrition will help keep your pet’s fur looking nourished and shiny, and will reduce the amount of dead fur he or she sheds. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Fur Busting

Here’s a trick: use a squeegee to remove pet fur from your couch or sofa. You can also use a damp sponge or rubber dish gloves. Of course, when it comes to your own clothes, a lint roller may be your best bet. Keep a few extras on hand.


Slipcovers can be very handy at protecting upholstered furniture from pet fur. Choose ones that are machine washable. Even if you don’t use them all year long, you may want to put them out for now.


It’s always a good idea to vacuum daily, especially during peak shedding times. Aim to do heavy-traffic areas and your pet’s favorite lounging spots daily. About once a week, you’ll want to do more thorough cleanings. If your four-legged friend is fairly calm and nonchalant, you could try out a vacuum with an attachment made specifically for cleaning pets. Some of our four-legged friends actually seem to enjoy being vacuumed! Of course, this isn’t going to be a good option for more high-strong animals. Results may vary.

Air Filters

We definitely recommend changing your air filters regularly if you have pets. This will remove pet fur and dander from the air, which will in turn keep your home looking—and smelling—fresh.

Please call us, your Green Bay, WI vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. We’re happy to help!

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