Fido’s Cutest New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! 2018 is officially a wrap! As we head into 2019, many people are pondering what the next 12 months will bring. We’ll leave predictions about weather, news, and politics to others, but we can offer some guesses about what our canine friends will be doing. Here, a Green Bay, WI vet lists some things your pooch may be planning for the coming year.


Man’s Best Friend loves to check out new places. This is one reason we have to keep our canine companions leashed, or in fenced yards. Indulge your pup’s sense of adventure by taking him to a doggy park, or exploring a new trail with him.

Sniff Lots Of Grass

Does your pet ever whine and jump and pretend that he really, really has to go, only to start nonchalantly smelling the lawn when you take him out? In Fido’s defense, dogs do learn a lot by picking up smells. Sniffing the neighbor’s yard is almost like reading a newspaper for your pooch.

Perfect The Begging Stare

Dogs have been our friends and companions for thousands of years. Fido has had a lot of time to find out exactly what expression will most effectively tug at our heartstrings … and make us share our food. However, your furry little actor is still working on his theatrical skills.

Get All The Belly Rubs

It’s almost impossible not to smile when watching Fido get his furry tummy rubbed. Some dogs actually smile with happiness. Ear scritches, back scratches, and forehead rubs are also on the agenda.


Our furry pals are very frisky, and love to run and chase after their toys. Take time to toss that ball or stick for Fido this year!

Avoid Going To The Vet

There’s no doubt that your pup will both look and feel better with proper veterinary care. However, your furry best friend really doesn’t really see it that way. He’d much rather be doing, well, anything else on this list. Sorry, Fido, it’s for your own good!

Spend Time With The Humans

Dogs haven’t earned the title of Man’s Best Friend for nothing. Fido will stick loyally by your side in the coming months, no matter what the next year brings. Spend lots of quality time with him in 2019!

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