Doggy Paw Care

Does your canine buddy know how to Shake or Gimme Five? Does Fido sometimes put a paw on your leg when he wants attention? Fido’s furry feet are pretty cute. They’re also absolutely crucial to his health and well-being. A local Green Bay, WI vet lists some doggy paw care tips below.

Keep Fido’s Nails Trimmed

Overgrown nails are just as uncomfortable for dogs as they are for people. If Fido’s nails are too long, he could snag or tear them on something. This can be painful for your pet. It can also lead to infections. Your pooch may also change his stride to compensate for the discomfort. This is very hard on your dog’s bones and joints! Also, your canine friend will have a harder time gaining traction on slippery ground if his claws are too long. If you aren’t comfortable trimming your pup’s nails yourself, contact us to set up a quick pawdicure appointment.

Use Paw Balm

How weather can be pretty rough on your furry pal’s feet. In summer, dogs can get painful burns and blisters from running on hot surfaces. Fido’s paws are extra delicate after he has been swimming, so take special care when his feet are wet.

Choose Pet-Friendly De-Icers

Winter has its own set of problems. Snow, salt, sand, and ice can all hurt your pup’s feet. Use pet-friendly de-icing products.


Not all dogs like wearing shoes, but if your four-legged buddy hates stepping out into the snow, try putting some booties on him. You can find DIY instructions for making your own online.

Trim Toe Fur

Des your furry friend have tufts of hair growing between his toes? These may be cute, but it may be best to trim them. They can collect gunk, like gum, and often form ice balls in winter. Just be sure to use blunt-end scissors.

Paw Check

Check Fido’s paws regularly. This is easy to fit into your doggy hangout time! You’ll want to look for obvious injuries, such as swelling and cuts. Keep an eye out for ticks as well: they sometimes latch on to dogs’ toes. You can treat a minor cut or scrape at home using antiseptic, but call your vet for anything more than that.

Please reach out to us, your Green Bay, WI pet hospital, anytime we can be of assistance. We are dedicated to providing great care!

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