Safe and Unsafe Foods For Dogs

Does your pooch come running whenever you open the fridge or take dinner out of the oven? If there’s one thing we know about our canine friends, it’s that they love food! However, Fido’s appetite can sometimes work against him. Dogs don’t really know what is and is not safe for them to eat, so it’s up to you to monitor what your pup eats. A Green Bay, WI vet lists some safe and unsafe foods in this article.

Safe Foods

Cooked, plain, boneless meat, fish, or poultry are always fine for your furry buddy to have. Fido can also have shredded deli meat and sodium-free broth. While meat should make up the bulk of your pup’s diet, dogs can have some rice, spinach, eggs, cooked pumpkin or squash, bananas, and natural peanut butter. Cooked peas and carrots are also fine.

Dangerous Foods

Never give your four-legged buddy garlic, onions, scallions, or chives. Grapes, currants, and raisins are also on the no-no list. In fact, even eating a single grape can cause severe organ damage in some dogs! Other foods to keep away from your canine companion include chocolate, alcohol, and anything sugary, fried, or processed. Meat on the bone is also the unsafe foods list, though in this case it’s because of choking hazards, rather than toxicity issues. Pitted fruits, especially avocados, are also dangerous, as are many nuts and raw meat, dough, or yeast. Don’t give your dog anything that contains xylitol, either. Xylitol is in many processed foods, so always check labels before sharing something with Fido. Last but not least, we do not recommend giving dogs gum, popcorn, peppers, corn, or marshmallows. Keep in mind that pets can be allergic to certain foods, so for some pooches, even foods on the safe list aren’t okay.

Safe On Occasion

Some things are okay for your furry pal to have once in a while, but shouldn’t be given regularly. Two of Fido’s favorite snacks, bacon and sausage, fall under this category. Organ meats, like liver, are also safe once in a while but should not be given too often. Also on the special-occasion list are hot dogs, potatoes, bread, apple slices, tomatoes, and blueberries. A little cheese is also fine here and there.

Do you have any questions about your canine buddy’s diet? Contact us, your Green Bay, WI vet hospital, today.

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