Entertaining an Indoor Cat

Do you keep your kitty indoors? If so, you’re keeping Fluffy safe from outdoor hazards such as cars, predators, and weather. Outdoor cats do get more stimulation and exercise than indoor pets, however, so you’ll want to take steps to keep your pet entertained and happy. A Green Bay, WI vet offers tips on how to do that in this article.


Toys are very important for your kitty’s health and happiness. Cats all have their own preferences for playthings. Some kitties like catnip mice or small balls, while others prefer feather toys. Offer your pet a variety, and see what she likes best. (Of course, Fluffy may ignore her robotic mouse and play with a bottlecap instead. With cats, you just never know.)

Live Entertainment

Even if your pampered pet wouldn’t know what to do if a mouse or bird was right in front of her, she’ll still enjoy watching local wildlife. Offer Fluffy a comfy window seat where she can sunbathe, nap, and birdwatch. Some cats also enjoy watching videos of birds, fish, and other small animals. Put on a documentary make for cats and see if your pet responds. It’s also worth noting that cats can also amuse themselves watching fish. If you happen to have fish, then you already have one entertainment option. Just make sure your cat can’t actually reach the tank or jump on top of it. This can be dangerous for both the cat and the fish!


Fluffy will definitely appreciate having some furniture pieces to jump and climb on. Cats love high vantage points, so your kitty will likely be thrilled with a cat tower. Your furry buddy may also enjoy pet tents or tipis and/or a catwalk.


Kitties love to hide behind green leaves, and then dash out in front of their unsuspecting humans. Set out some pet-safe plants for Fluffy to nibble on and peek out from. Some good options are Boston ferns, Spider plants, and Rubber tree plants. You can find a complete list of safe options at the ASPCA website here.


Do you leave your feline pal home alone when you go to work? Keep a radio or TV on for her. The background noise will provide stimulation, and keep her from getting lonely.

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